Does Valentine's Day make you feel like you need to break the bank for your loved ones?

Spending for 2017 is expected to reach $18.2 billion dollars, which is down from last year’s record high of $19.7 billion. Although lavish gifts can be a nice gesture, there are other alternatives to spoil your loved ones without going over your budget.

Enjoy an Evening In

  • Pick up a movie, order some pizza, get some popcorn ready and enjoy quality time with your loved one while watching a favorite film.

Do Something Thoughtful

  • Has your loved ones to-do list been piling up? A sweet gesture could include tackling a task that your significant other hasn’t had the time to get to. The thought truly counts when it comes to this gift option.

Go on an Adventure

  • If you and your significant other have a day off together, use that time for a getaway! Whether it be taking a drive together to a local spot you haven’t been to yet, or maybe enjoy a walk or hike in the beautiful outdoors. This type of gift will provide you both with priceless memories for years to come.


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